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Global commerce in motion.

CAI is a different kind of transportation company, combining quality equipment, flexible container leasing, and global container sales with a company-wide devotion to customer service and success.

Intermodal Container Leasing
Tailored, flexible leases to fit your container needs

Our deepest roots are in the container business, and our fleet today is substantial and diverse: 3 million-plus TEU's to hold every form of cargo, including finished goods, agricultural products, refrigerated goods, commodities, and raw materials. The scale and scope of our container fleet help us meet the needs of more than 300 container leasing customers, including many of the world’s largest international container shipping lines, shippers, and logistics companies.

CAI tailors leases to meet your strategic, operational, and financing requirements. We work hard to understand your goals and to build deep and lasting relationships with you. CAI has offices throughout Europe, Asia-Pacific, and North America, including our headquarters in San Francisco, California. Our representatives are based in key shipping locations and our company has relationships with more than 300 depot facilities in 48 countries. We are everywhere you need us to be for container sales and container leasing.

As the dynamics of global shipping are continually in flux, we also add value through a sophisticated, real-time equipment control system that provides up-to-the-minute visibility on the status of our global fleet. This enables us to accurately track usage and simplify your accounting and reconciliation processes. We also customize the way we interact with your systems and provide container-related inventory and movement information through a direct, online log-in available to all of our container leasing customers.  Current lease customers are encouraged to request a user ID here.


Product diversity in container leasing is vitally important to our customers; flexibility in terms of lease agreements is also crucial. We tailor container leases to meet your strategic, operational, and financing requirements.