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CAI Intermodal Containers
Explore the latest advances in materials and design

CAI Intermodal Containers
Explore the latest advances in materials and design

The CAI global fleet of intermodal containers is noteworthy for its quality and its diversity. We have an active procurement program with a select group of manufacturers that meet our quality standards. Technical staff around the world monitor the quality of our existing fleet as well as explore advances in container materials and design.  Our container sales and container leasing teams deliver what you need with flexible terms and value-added services.

The standardized nature of intermodal containers is absolutely key to the fast, efficient movement of goods around the world. But within the standardized parameters of intermodal containers, there is enormous diversity of equipment types, and CAI has virtually every type of commonly used containers in its fleet. In addition to the standard and high cube dry vans (in 20- and 40-foot lengths), we supply an array of more specialized container types:

  • Dry Van

    The standard container type for international shipping, the dry van comes in various sizes from the 20' standard to the 45' high cube.

  • Open Top

    Used for moving bulky and oversized cargo, open top containers feature a heavy tarp cover supported by removable bows.

  • Flat Rack

    With a wood deck and steel end panels, flat racks are heavily reinforced to support building products, machinery, and other heavy-duty cargo.

  • Refrigerated

    Known universally as reefers, refrigerated containers keep heat-sensitive goods—often fresh or frozen food—cold and stable.

  • Generator Sets

    When reefers travel across the ocean, they are typically powered by the ship’s main power.  On the road and rail, however, they run on these diesel-powered generator sets.

  • Palletwide

    With an extra two inches of internal width, these fit two Euro-sized pallets side by side. This makes palletwides the consumer goods containers of choice in Europe.

  • Swap Body

    A special dry van, the swap body is built for land transport within Europe. Swap bodies are often tailored to their cargo with special doors, garment hanging systems, or keyhole systems for the KEP and palletized markets.

  • Rolltrailer

    Used in terminals and on roll on-roll off vessels, rolltrailers are flatbed trailers designed for the biggest and heaviest industrial applications.

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